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Who we are?

Tech. Get. Go. is a Los Angeles based manufacturer for one of the fastest portable charging solutions the world has ever seen. We have been one of the first to offer fast portable chargers to the market with the most advanced solutions for a multitude of needs. We understand the importance of staying connected to people and everything you love, and we work passionately to create products which would deliver just this.

Why Tech. Get. Go. ?

Our devices are built to be convenient and reliable for when you need them most. And backed by unmatched warranty service like no other. From the fastest and lightweight portable chargers on the planet to compact off grid solar chargers that allow you to quickly charge your smartphone, eReader, tablets, and many other devices fast. So your favorite devices are always charged. Tech. Get. Go’s. power accessory solutions ensure you will never be with a low battery again. Don't be stuck to the wall outlet for hours charging your phone. Your dependency on multiple cables and being stuck to wall outlets will be over soon. Let Tech. Get. Go. make your life low battery anxiety free.

Our Product Lines

Power bank . Wall charger . Car charger . USB cables . Off-grid power