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4.2 Amp car charger

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Quick Overview

1. Extension cable makes 3 ports total.
2. Inner glow allows you find the port easily at night.
3. Alpha and Omega semiconductor chip from U.S.A. 
4. Plastic housing made of highest grade anti fire material
5. Multi-Protection against over-current, over-voltage, fast charge with device detection technology.  



Tech. Get. Go. Car charger

With its simple design and outstanding charging capabilities on the market, Tech. Get. Go. chargers for your car and home are designed for your active, on-the-go lifestyle.

Powerful Dual power output

With the most powerful output the Model-M can charge 2 iPads at the same time. Exclusive to Tech. Get. Go., power auto ajust and power boost tehnology combine to ensure the fastest possible charge, whatever device you have. With an inner light indicator from inside ensures your device is working properly. The USB indicator light also makes it easy to find the USB ports at night. 



Four layers of integrated circuit design

We put everything that anyone could offer onto one compact and highly efficent car charger. With more then one years of research and development, we made a dream into a reality. We really wanted to make a car charger that could be truly universal for every vehicle.

We only do the best so you can get the best

Thanks to its incorparated dual-core processor semiconductor chip from the U.S. semiconductor gaint Alpha & Omega, the Model-M charger has a outstanding efficency of 92%. This means you get a truly faster charge and a real 100% fully charged battery.


Advanced internal heat exchanger or (AIHE)

Thanks to its internal heat exchanger the Model-M can still give you a fast charge at max load without heating up, breaking down, or lossing current from the heat. Not only that but this also makes this charger one of the longest lasting chargers in the market because it never gets exhusted from continuous charging.



Tested radio safe

Like other chargers some people seem to notice there phones acting slower when they use there phones while placed on charge. This is not your phone. Insted it is the charger your using, that wasnt built correctly and may be interfering with your wirless signals and hardware inide your device. Our Model-M charger was tested radio safe and will not interfere nore give any harm to you or any part of your device guaranteed.


A surface mount fuse to detect abnormal voltage current and stop it, at the speed of light. Before reaching and harming the delicate components inside your Model-M charger.








Dynamic output technology

Intelligently identifying and providing flexible currect for each and every device, in order to be compatible with more devices. This also assures the current not exceed the requirements of your device or damage your device.



With the Best technology must also come with best internal structual design.

The Model-M internal uni-body fram holds all the delicate components in place so if you ever drop it everything will still be tightly held in place.


Never moves from its place

The Model-M car charger once in place never moves again, unless you want to take it out. Thanks to its circular shapped grippers hold on tightly so you can get the best charging experience from the best car charger. Like other car chargers sometimes slip out of place wich could get annoyong having to push it back into place again and again. With the Model-M you wont have to worry about this ever happening again.




The Gemini 2 USB Port cable

Now with the Gemini cable extender you can charge up to 3 devices with the Model-M car charger. You can even use it to charge 2 samrtphone devices from any car charger or wall charger that supports over 2.0 Amps that does not have enabled two USB ports. The Gemini is yet another innovative charger that can help you with your every day smartphone charging needs.  




Compatible with 99% of devices that support 5V output devices, such as all apple and android smarphones, bluetooth earphone, MP3 player (iPod), GPS, and tablets.











With the highest grage plastic constructed by material scientists the Model-M uni-body is made up of A0 class flame retardant material. "Security is not afraid of more "


The TECH. GET. GO. Difference 

 Hand chosen components by our R&D team to make the best car charger in the market. 

 Lifetime replacement warranty.

Lifetime customer support and troubleshoot service. 

Dual port fast charging with integrated circuit (IC) chips  

Device recognition technology (DRT)

Universal charge boost technology (UCBT).

Sleek, compact design. 

Free shipping both ways (shipping to, or returning from)


What's included

- Tech. Get. Go. car charger

- Apple MFI certified USB cable

- Gemini 2 USB port fast charge extention USB cable 

- Lifetime warranty card





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