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PowerGo SS 5000 - Silver

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Quick Overview

Made for Recharging Smartphones, Wearables & Tablets

Output USB: Max DC 5 volts /2.5A

Milliamp hours: 5000 mAh

Input: Max 20V - 2.3A

Dimensions: 12.5cm X 6.1cm X 1.3cm -- 4.92in X 2.4in X 0.5in

Weight: 5.8 oz.



A Portable charger that fully recharges in less then 20 minutes.

The PowerGo SS 5000 is engineered specifically for saving you time, while giving you even longer battery life for your smartphone or tablet device. Plug in your device into the USB port for up to 12% faster charge then most standard wall chargers that come with your smartphone or tablet device. 



Low on portable power? Give it 20 minutes.

Exactly how fast can the PowerGo SS 5000 recharge? Recharging your PowerGo SS 5000 takes under 20 minutes. This means no more waiting long hours to recharge your portable charger. Saving you time so you can power your devices on the go faster. When the PowerGo SS 5000 is out of power. Place the PowerGo SS 5000 in recharge. Recharge in your car, or recharge it with the included wall charger with AC outlet. Just give it less then 20 minutes and your on your way again.



- The graph displays an estimated recharge time compared with other brand 5000mAh power banks available in the market.


Multi-Layer Safety System

Surge, overt current protection, and short circuit protection as well as multiple advanced safety semiconductor chips keep your devices safe and working longer. The built-in temperature control, led indicator, and battery discharging protection makes the PowerGo SS 5000 the ideal choice for people who need a reliable high-capacity quick power bank.


World-class design

With its beautiful Aluminum shell and sleek looks, the PowerGo SS 5000 is a super-slim battery booster for your iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet devices, and many more devices. It has a simple, uncluttered design with a power button on the top and smooth fingerprint resistant aluminum housing for comfortable grip. 



Broad Compatibility


With device recognition microchips inside constantly monitoring current and voltage the PowerGo SS 5000 is compatible with 99.9% of all devices. 



- Boosts device internet use up to 36 hours on LTE

- Boosts device video playback up to 40 hours

- Power Bank Recharge time: less then 20 minutes

- USB output recharge: up to 12% faster charge for your smartphone ot tablet device

Package includes

Tech. Get. Go. PowerGo SS 5000


Swift Charge 2.1 wall charger adapter for electrical outlet  

    Micro USB cable


             Warranty card


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