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PowerGo SS 6000 - Silver

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Quick Overview


Recharge less then 17 minutes. Provides up to 3 charges


Capacity: 6000mAh 

Compatibility: works with all smartphone and tablet devices and other USB enabled devices 

Output USB Max DC 5 volts /2.0A 

Input: Max 15V /6.0A

Dimensions: Size: 14.98cm X 16cm X 1.6cm  /5.9in X 3.43in X 0.63in

Weight: 10 oz.

The Technology:

- Smart Charge: ensures complete compatibility

- Swift Charge 2.1: Fastest charging yet up to 95% faster recharge then current power banks

- Power Freeze: Maintains battery power when not in use up to 1 year



Zero to 100% in under 15 minutes

The fastest charging technology

Recharging your device with the SS 6000 is a whole new charging experience. Simply connect your USB cable to start rapidly charging your device. The SS 6000 will recharge your smartphone or tablet device up to 12 percent faster then your current wall charger. The SS 6000 will precisely measure the battery capacity inside your device to provide a precise recharge. Thus maintaining your battery lifespan and allowing your device to recharge at a faster speed.

Once you charge you wont go back to the regular portable chargers.  

The experience of recharging your SS 6000 is an experience like no other compared to recharging with your traditional portable charger. The SS 6000 has an included unique wall charger and car charger so you can recharge in the car, home, or office. We didn't develop the SS 6000 to be just another portable charger, but the only portable charger you will ever need. Providing you with rapid charge you need making the SS 6000 truly the fastest portable charger you will ever need. Behind this super fast charging technology is the main complex logical board far more advanced then current portable chargers today. Constantly monitoring and communicating with the battery to achieve a safe, super fast recharge.

Multi-Protect Safety System

Surge protection, short circuit prevention and multiple advanced safety semiconductor chips keep you and your devices safe

Premium Design

With its beautiful Aluminum shell and optimal looks, the PowerGo 6000 is the perfect power booster gadget for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

For optimal use: 

Use the included cable, your original cable or a third-party certified one (for example MFi).

- Compatible with Apple, Android smartphones, tablets (including the Nexus 7) and other USB-charged devices except for the iPod nano, iPod Classic, HP TouchPad, LG G2, Asus tablets and some GPS and Bluetooth devices.

 Package includes


PowerGo SS 6000


Swift Charge 2.1 wall charger adapter 


    Micro USB cable



             Warranty card


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